is the only way to achieve depth in a given subject.
And only bears fruit if it is based on general knowledge. We firmly believe that small is still beautiful and concentrate our core competence on two languages only: German and English.*

To translate we
1) need your text/presentation/charts. As an emailed file (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, pdf) or as a fax or letter.
2) Next, one of the team produces a draft, concentrating on getting your meaning into the new language.
3) Another member of the team then edits the draft with a view to making certain
(i) the new text reads well in the language you have chosen (US or British English, or German) and
(ii) the new text is logical in terms of meaning
4) Finally, should you require, we can proof-read the typeset text for you or advise your printer on issues such as hyphenation.

* Should you need more languages we can of course recommend where you can procure the right language in the right quality.